Baskeri on POP! - Beret is POP!

In English below the video. Subtitles also in English.

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Baskeri on hauska hattu. Yksinkertainen, aina ajaton ja tyylikäs.
Ajattelin aiemmin, ettei baskeri sovi minulle alkuunkaan, mutta kas, eihän se pöllömpi olekaan!

Beret is a fun hat. Simple, timeless and always stylish.
I thought before, that beret doesn't suit me at all, but actually it isn't that bad at all!

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  1. I have tried every other hat except a beret! Hats do not like me! So I will give the Beret a try. Loved the video. I wish I could be so brave x

    1. Thanks Laurie! You definitely should start making videos. It would be so nice to see all your beautiful dresses and outfits "in real life".


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